Meet our team

And see why we chose to be a part of Romio's mission!

Tarik Sansal
Founder & CEO

Early investment employee at Moon Capital, Deep Value Hedge Fund. Founded OnTargetJobs backed by Warburg Pincus and sold to DICE in 2013.

"Our current economic system is leaving too many of us grinding more for less. That is why we’re introducing an evolved business model and platform built on Social Capitalism – redefined as aligning profits with positive human socio-economic impact.

We aim to demonstrate a paradigm shift that’s more human, profitable and intelligent (thanks to the help and collaboration of over 100 domain experts who have been attracted to our mission). The model we are launching has been verified by the tech banking team previously with Goldman Sachs that worked on the Lemonade IPO.

As an alternative to shortsighted models that turn people into products, we are offering a model that aligns positive human, economic, and social impact.

I am very grateful to the exceptional and talented people who have chosen to work with me and help me bring this movement to launch, and to my 100+ angel investors and family offices who insist on social good and who have backed this vision patiently.

Together, let’s make it possible for all to thrive, not just survive."

Sujit Poudel
VP Of Engineering, Android and AI

Led the rapid expansion of Compass’s Mobile Platform (iOS/Android) in the run up to their IPO

"Coming from a background of extreme hardship, I am genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on a project that places a strong emphasis on a progressive approach to business, one that effectively balances profit generation with a genuine commitment to social causes.

This approach resonates deeply with my personal values and my strong desire to contribute positively to our society.

What excites me the most is the notion that every action taken within such an organization has the potential to create a profound and meaningful impact that extends beyond mere financial gain.

Together, we can illustrate that profit and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive but rather mutually reinforcing, paving the way for a sustainable and brighter future for all."

Wing Poon
Chief of Growth

Led silicon valley start up Appodeal from early stage to $12m in revenue runway

"After finding professional success leading marketing at a mobile app monetization startup, I realized that I needed to join a company that's aligned with my purpose: to help people reach their full potential so they can lead more joyful and fulfilling lives.

When I first heard about Romio's vision of a local service marketplace built with Social Capitalism, I knew I had to join Romio. Not only does Romio offers services that help people thrive, Romio makes it possible for service providers to gain more income and time so they can focus on what truly matters.

Plus, I firmly believe in Romio's Social Capitalism principle of empowering people to support one another to benefit economically. I think it's about time we adopt a new model that aligns profits with social good for the benefit of our communities and humanity."

Arjun Veer Busani
Founder of Romio’s Mobile Engineering Group

Joined Romio from Google

"The product we’ve built is truly one of a kind and is an amazing experience to be able to be part of it and introduce a unique platform that is social-centric.

The most unique thing about Romio is that it pioneers social responsibility by ethically involving the core team and our extended users and network so that everyone benefits in its economic growth.

Romio is a product and engineering-driven company and anyone can participate in product thoughts and iterations. As an engineer, it’s exciting to get to work on a wide range of features and work closely with the key stakeholders. We have a CEO who actually cares about the team and is extremely passionate about our product"

Zaakir Carter
VP of Design & Branding

Joined Swimply early, and helped them raise $40m in funding from leading Silicon Valley VCs and drive significant revenue and product growth.

"Working at Romio, I’ve been privileged to shape a product and brand that lies at the confluence of innovation and Social Capitalism. Our mission transcends simple transactions; we're developing a marketplace where every interaction is imbued with community and altruism.

As an entrepreneur, witnessing the transformative effect of our efforts on service providers is incredibly rewarding. Every design decision reflects our deep commitment to facilitating opportunities for highly deserving workers and fostering connections that go beyond the mere transactional to become truly transformational."

Jeremy Murphy
Strategic Communications Advisor

Previously VP of Communications at CBS Corporation

"I first met Tarik Sansal at a media dinner in New York City. The tables were filled with influencers, journalists, bold-faced names, and NY elite. I sat focused on one. Tarik. I’ve worked in media for 24 years as a writer, editor, vice president at CBS, founder of a respected PR agency, and author. I’ve heard it all and seen it all. This, I did not.

We sat for hours talking about his concept and its social implications. How Romio, rooted in community and independence, could create a new marketplace where people determined their future. I joined the next day and worked with him to share that vision. I’m very proud to have been a part of its development, and I continue to do so today."

Andrew Schettino
Strategic Social Capitalism Investment Advisor

Technology Investor previously with Goldman Sachs, Warburg Pincus

"Social capitalism is an underutilized model that has catapulted companies like Lemonade Insurance to success. The concept resonates with millennial and Gen Z customers who grow in purchasing power daily as part of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Furthermore, the current cultural climate and lack of innovative companies adopting this framework make the viral potential of Social Capitalism greater than ever."

Ailen Fee
Strategic Growth Advisor

Early Uber employee responsible for launching Miami, New Jersey and Uber Eats

"Romio is a unique marketplace opportunity that is harnessing the power of today’s powerful social networks. Combined with Tarik’s passion for social good, Romio can be a marketplace that benefits independent entrepreneurs and users alike."