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a living room with a large flat screen tvby Spacejoy
stainless steel faucet on white ceramic sinkby Michael DeMarco
Sexy Sedumby Jennifer Burk
hanged top on brown and white clothes horseby Alyssa Strohmann
Organizers & more!

Make your home your sanctuary

The Happy Doggoby Eric Ward
Dog walkers & Pet sitters
BMW 320i F30 steering wheelby Christian Wiediger
Personal drivers
smiling woman standing and putting pepper on stock potby Becca Tapert
Personal assistants
view of young girl with glasses from behind working on school workby Greg Rosenke
Kids tutors & more!

Reclaim your personal time to do more of what you love

trainingby bruce mars
Personal trainers
stone massageby engin akyurt
In-home masseurs
Namah Yoga by Conscious Design
Mindfulness coaches
Beauty photoshoot makeupby freestocks
Beauticians & more!

Enrich your well-being from the inside out

person dipping paintbrush on paintby Rifqi Ali Ridho
Private art instructors
black and white piano keysby Joshua Hoehne
Music teachers
More on my Instagram : @baptx_zwby Baptiste Gousset
Language tutors
woman in white and red spaghetti strap topby AJ Alao
Life coaches & more!

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Our Mission

The time has come for Social Capitalism

Our current economic system is leaving too many of us grinding more for less.
That is why we're introducing a more humane, intelligent, and profitable model.
One that actually aligns positive human, economic, and social impact.

We're (re)defining this new model: Social Capitalism.

Together, let’s make it possible for all to thrive, not just survive.

Tarik Sansal | CEO of Romio

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"Our mission transcends simple transactions; we're developing a marketplace where every interaction is imbued with community and altruism."
Zaakir Carter | VP of Design and Branding

"I firmly believe that businesses possess a unique and potent capacity to address some of the world's most pressing challenges, and a company that prioritizes social capitalism can serve as a driving force for transformative change."
Sujit Poudel | VP of Engineering

"With our social capitalism model, it is my hope that service providers on Romio gain more income and time so they can thrive with just one job – and focus on what truly matters."
Wing Poon | Chief of Growth

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