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When you connect friends with services, you help the community and do good. Earn GOAT status to enjoy extra cash & stock options!

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Our Mission

Our current economic system is leaving too many of us grinding more for less. That is why we're introducing a more humane, intelligent, and profitable model.  

One that actually aligns positive human, economic, and social impact. This is how we redefine Social Capitalism.

Together, let’s make it possible for all to thrive, not just survive.

Tarik Sansal | CEO of Romio

Thoughts from our advisors

Our group of passionate innovators and industry experts is dedicated to transforming how services are discovered and delivered.

"Romio is a unique marketplace opportunity that is harnessing the power of today’s powerful social networks. Combined with Tarik’s passion for social good, Romio can be a marketplace that benefits independent entrepreneurs and users alike."

Ailen Fee | Strategic Growh Advisor
Early UBER employee. Launched Miami, Jersey City and UBER Eats.

"Social capitalism is an underutilized model that has catapulted companies like Lemonade Insurance to success. The concept resonates with millennial and Gen Z customers who grow in purchasing power daily as part of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

The current cultural climate and lack of innovative companies adopting this framework make the viral potential of Social Capitalism greater than ever."

Andrew Schettino | Social Capitalism Investment Advisor
Previously with Goldman Sachs TMT San Francisco. Worked on the Lemonade IPO.