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Get spotlighted by influencers to thousands of potential new clients. Earn up to $250 for every friend, service provider or client you invite.

Service providers on Romio simply earn better

Get cash bonuses when existing clients book you on Romio

You’ll receive up to 25% of each booking, up to $250 per client. We’ll also waive the 10% booking fee when your clients book you.

Supercharge bookings by offering a free service to influencers

Romio has referral tools including influencer marketing. Get millions of impressions for targeted categories and locations.

Reach GOAT status and earn more with social capitalism

GOAT services earn quarterly cash bonuses based on the platform's growth via stock option-like programs.

Reach GOAT status when you are in the top 20% most booked service providers in your category, in your city.

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Our Mission

Our current economic system is leaving too many of us grinding more for less. That is why we're introducing a more humane, intelligent, and profitable model.  

One that actually aligns positive human, economic, and social impact. This is how we redefine Social Capitalism.

Together, let’s make it possible for all to thrive, not just survive.

Tarik Sansal | CEO of Romio