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Anonymity is for chat rooms masquerade balls. 

Romio serves you services reco’d by people you know and Experts with nationally recognized knowledge, so you know they’re good.

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No gamed results. No paid status. Just a leaderboard that ranks the best Service Providers in each neighborhood. 

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Meet Romio:
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Trusted services one click away.

From housekeeping, repairs and cleaning to pet walkers, stylists and home organizers (and everything in between).

A real community built on expert recommendations.

We are committed to providing trust in your recommendations and provide peace of mind when booking local services.

Only what’s best.

By providing high quality service providers with a platform that enables leveraging, monetizing and expanding networks, you become part of a real community that only provides what’s best.

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*Must be the first to invite user to Romio. $25 credit available after invited friend completes first booking.
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This is Romio.

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